Justin Bieber chops off dreadlocks that some found racist

Justin Bieber has lost his dreadlocks after sparking much online commentary, with many critics viewing the style as culturally insensitive. Here’s his new look.

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Bieber selfie

“Soooooo hungover I feel like (bleep),” Justin Bieber posted with this image of his newly shorn head.

His Instagram profile photo still shows him sporting dreadlocks, a look many blasted as cultural appropriation.

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Bieber's former 'do

Bieber’s former ‘do

“It’s troubling as yet another instance of a white celebrity appropriating a traditionally black hairstyle,” wroteFashionista, which wondered if “celebrities and designers need to start hiring cultural appropriation consultants to advise against things like dreads and cornrows.”

“Justin Bieber is one of the lieutenants of the cultural appropriation army. He outdid himself this week by rocking dirty a$$ White guy dreads,” Bossip wrote. “Not only do they look dirty as hell but he’s just doing it because they look ‘cool’ without any understanding of what he’s doing.”

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Bieber didn’t post a statement about his new style but does seem to have gotten his money’s worth in the barber’s chair:

Bieber and Tiger

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