The Flying Dead: Did a corpse just go through airport security?

TSA dummy

He loved to fly. It showed.

Although no one is laughing about the long airport security lines these days, the TSA did manage to liven things up with an undead photo taken in Atlanta and posted on its official Instagram page the other day.

“Talk about deadheading,” the agency posted with this image. (That’s industry jargon airline folks use to describe their flights to or from a work assignment). 

The “passenger” getting screened here is actually a movie prop.


Long airport security lines have also become a national issue, with wait times at some checkpoints reaching as much as an hour-and-a-half long, according to airline industry group Airlines for America, notes the AJC’s airline reporter Kelly Yamanouchi. The group is telling travelers to alert TSA of long lines by tweeting about it with the airport code (such as ATL) to @AskTSA with the hashtag #iHateTheWait.

So, hats (and heads?) off to the TSA for helping cranky fliers crack a smile!

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