Honey Boo Boo graduates from elementary school

Congrats to Georgia’s most famous former child beauty queen, rising middle schooler Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. She just aced the fifth grade.

Bye, elementary school!

Bye, elementary school!


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Family matriarch “Mama June” Shannon waxed nostalgic the other day on her public Facebook page:

“Well this time last year I was waiting on Jessica Shannon to graduate high school,” she said of Alana’s older sister. “Now I’m sitting here waiting on Alana to graduate 5th grade. Wow how time flies and all the memories that made now Jessica is going starting her second year in college. Alana is going to sixth and Pumpkin is going to 10th grade and then next year Jessica graduates from college…”

Congrats to all the scholars!

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