David Hasselhoff is totally winning Facebook Live

David Hasselhoff has taken to Facebook Live like a lifeguard takes to water. A slew of celebs have embraced the new medium. Here’s Oprah Winfrey showing off her collards and here’s Tyler Perry giving Hillary Clinton a shoutout from the Oval Office.

hoffBut no one loves FBL more than the star of “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider.” Sometimes he FBLs himself doing stuff. Sometimes he’s just talking. Occasionally he’ll do a super long one to give people an opportunity to see him hanging out at home or at his pool. The other day he FBLed a pest control worker removing a rattlesnake from his back yard.

“Do not mess with the snake,” The Hoff intoned. “Call 911 if you get bit. It can be quite serious.”

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Speaking of lifeguards, here he is surprising a group of young guards in training. It’s not entirely clear the kids know who he is but no matter.

When the rattlesnake showed up he gave the pest control company a nice plug. “Are you in the phone book?” he asked, before giving their web site:

And here he is, chillaxing in his hot tub. It’s good to be The Hoff.


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