Emory student killed in Bangladesh could have escaped but wouldn’t leave his friends behind

Emory students Faraaz Hossain and Abinta Kabir were among the 28 people murdered Friday when Islamist terrorists attacked a cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city.

The New York Times reported that at some point during the hostage situation, gunmen gave Faraaz the opportunity to leave, presumably because he was Bangladeshi. The assailants also “released a group of women wearing hijabs” but would not release the women, in Western clothing, whom Faraaz was with, the Times reported.

Faraaz wouldn’t leave his friends behind, and was found dead the next morning.

A former graduate advisor posted some photos of Faraaz and a touching tribute.

“He was admired by all for his humility, kindness, and leadership,” Judy Sunshine wrote. “What a privilege it was to know this young man.”

Friends on the tight-knit campus described both as bright, enthusiastic and well-liked and have been sharing memories and photos on social media.

Raquel Solla shared these wonderful photos of Abinta.

Members of the Emory community continue gathering via social media to mourn their friends.

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