Sneak a peek at final DNC preparation

The Democratic National Convention will feature appearances by celebrities, President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton and of course the main event, the closing-night speech from nominee Hillary Clinton. The schedule lists numerous other people slated to appear, too. As the event nears, here’s a peek at what folks who aren’t on any official agenda are up to: the behind-the-scenes warriors getting everything ready.

For example, Brooks Bell is vacuuming:

They're rolling out - and vacuuming - the blue carpet. Photo: Brooks Bell

They’re rolling out – and vacuuming – the blue carpet. Photo: Brooks Bell

Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Chloe Grace Moretz, other stars to appear at DNC

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Gavina Valdez is getting the TV folks camera ready:

These guys are making sure reporters don’t get soaked later:

These guys are making sure no wires get crossed:

DNC staffers Andrew Binnz and Liz Hart are celebrating their engagement! #awww

Tech Doug Thomas and his colleague are on tech duty and enjoying their front-row seat to history:

And here’s the team with one of the most vital jobs of the week: preparing for the balloon drop!

Let the games begin. #ohboy

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