Metro Atlanta police department posts “All Lives Matter” video

An image from the Brookhaven Police Departement's video.

An image from the Brookhaven Police Departement’s video.

The Brookhaven Police Department posted a video titled “All Lives Matter” to salute its officers’ community involvement.

readingThe Brookhaven Police Department would like to dedicate this video to our entire law enforcement community, and all the community that we serve, in making this a better place to live, especially for our children,” Police Chief Gary Gandura says by way of intro.

The video shows officers interacting with community members in various positive ways: donating blood at an American Red Cross blood drive, manning a food drive, pushing a motorist’s car, posing with new parents in the back of an ambulance and tending to a beehive (it’s not clear if the officer is harvesting honey or dealing with an insect issue.

on the playgroundThe video includes many images of officers spending time with the young people in their community. They’re shown reading with, trick-or-treating with and playing with kids as “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson plays in the background.

Here it is:

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