Pro wrestler Ric Flair is now an honorary Clayton County deputy

A few weeks after swearing in NBA great turned actor, analyst and owner of the Ponce de Leon Krispy Kreme, Shaquille O’Neal .. Clayton County Victor Hill has added some new muscle to the force: Pro wrestler turned wrestling manager Ric Flair.

Hill announced the news via his Facebook page:

“Based on his vast experience in Vice related matters, ‘The Wheeling, Dealing, Girlfriend Stealing, Limousine Riding, and Private Jet Flying”‘Ric Flair was sworn in today as an Honorary Deputy assigned to The Vice Squad by ‘THE CRIME FIGHTER!’ WOOO!” 

The “crime fighter” is what Hill calls himself.

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When Ric Flair visited Falcons practice 

Here’s a video clip the sheriff posted of swearing in the Nature Boy:

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Hill continues in his role as the Bad Joke of the Year.