When SNL mocked Atlanta’s snow storm response and we totally deserved it

The Great Blizzard of 2014 paralyzed Atlanta .. and made us a national laughingstock.

Two inches (TWO!!!!) of winter precipitation was all it took to snarl highways and provide fodder for the writers at Saturday Night Live.

Local resident “Buford Callaway” was a guest on SNL’s Weekend Update to represent us. While no one under about 80 actually talks in this mint julep-veranda accent anymore, it was hard to find fault in the satire.


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Two inches of Atlanta snow is not necessarily the same as  two inches of northern snow. Atlanta snow is moist; it makes good snowballs, snowmen and icy roads.  Driving on ice is dangerous even if there are no other vehicles on the road.  Atlanta has wet snow.  Yes there is such a thing as dry snow, it blows around, won't pack and tends to squeak when walked upon; it is forgiving when driven upon.  Be careful.