SNL skewers Pepsi’s tone-deaf Kendall Jenner ad

Pepsi would probably love for everyone to forget the tone deaf commercial it aired, then yanked, featuring reality show personality Kendall Jenner diffusing tension between police and protesters by handing an officer a cold can.

“Saturday Night Live” is here to make sure it doesn’t evaporate from the public’s attention so quickly, rolling out a spoof that’s as on point as the original ad was culturally clueless.

Pepsi yanked the spot and apologize after a torrent of negative backlash, most notably Rev. Bernice King’s tweet about the matter.

King has since commended Pepsi for removing the ad and encourages the company and others to work with the King Center. “I invite Pepsi and other companies to join in Courageous Conversations facilitated by The King Center on the topics of social symbolism, race and responsibility, and presentations of privilege,” she wrote in a piece for the Huffington Post.

Pepsi hasn’t said anything else publicly on the matter. For now, here’s SNL’s response:

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