Lauren Lake’s “Paternity Court” seeks audience members

How’d you like to get paid $50 just for showing up and sitting down?

Judge Lauren Lake has a deal for you.

Her Atlanta-based, syndicated show, where “she presides over highly emotional cases that lead to life changing consequences and new beginnings,” according to a casting call, seeks audience members. The show is being taped now through November.

Here’s an idea of what happens in Lake’s on-air courtroom:

The show has taped 500 episodes, Lake announced on her site.

“I feel so blessed to be the judge of Paternity Court,” she wrote. “They call me ‘your honor,’ but it really is my honor to be in position to help families in need. Each day, courageous people come into our courtroom in desperate need of answers. They confront confusion, denial, dysfunction, rejection and fear head on in order to get the truth they need to move forward in their lives. I am grateful they trust me with their secrets and shame. I am humbled they open their hearts to my inspiration and advice.

I often tell my team, that 18 years from now, there will be fathers sitting at their child’s graduation because of the work they’ve contributed to this show. There will be dads dancing with their daughter’s at father/daughter dances and fathers coaching their sons’ little league teams. I truly believe we are all placed on this earth to be of service to others. I admire the talent, commitment and level of devotion my team gives to this very special program. We celebrate family and fatherhood and we are a voice for children who can’t speak for themselves. Powerful, positive work! Cheers to 500 shows! And prayers for at least 500 more!!”

 Want to get in on the next 500 tapings? Here’s the link to submit your information.

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