Alton Brown finds “hideously ugly” dog, names it Gordon Ramsay

Famous foodie Alton Brown dinged a fellow celeb chef in a funny Twitter video, comically dubbing the “hideously ugly” dog he found “Gordon Ramsay.”


All jokes aside, Brown needs your help locating the dog’s owner. It’s evidently someone’s pet, he assessed, noting it’s very sweet and housebroken.

After little Gordon Ramsay followed him home Brown took the dog to the vet where it was determined he’s not chipped.

“He’s a good boy,” Brown said, but said he can’t keep him. So, he’s posted the clip and plans to put up posters.

Brown’s office, where Gordon Ramsay (we are riding this train til it runs outta track) is bunking for the moment, is in Marietta. Earlier this year he said he wants to open a new coffee shop there. But first, reuniting the lost dog with his home.

If this looks like your pet, reach out:

Why would anyone name a dog after Gordon Ramsay? Weird. Photo: Fox


Update! This story has a happy ending. Apparently Gordon Ramsay is actually named Ollie, and he’s back safe and sound with his owners.

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