Kevin Spacey dropped by publicists amid new allegations

Kevin Spacey faces new allegations of lewd, unwanted overtures and has lost the backing of his talent agency and publicist.

Meanwhile the agency CAA is no longer representing him and his former publicist has severed ties.

Eight people who work on the Netflix series “House of Cards” told CNN anonymously that Spacey’s behavior has been “predatory” and “toxic” and included “nonconsensual touching and crude comments and targeted production staffers who were typically young and male.” One of the accusers alleged Spacey assaulted him and told CNN, “I have no doubt that this type of predatory behavior was routine for him and that my experience was one of many and that Kevin had few if any qualms about exploiting his status and position.”

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Kevin Spacey’s apology after assault claim just made things worse

Netflix pauses work on “House of Cards” due to Kevin Spacey case

Production has halted on “House of Cards” for the moment and Spacey, who drew ire with his statement responding to the initial allegations lodged by Anthony Rapp, says he’s in treatment.


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