Ad campaign will pay $7,500 to cast a transgender 29-year-old black woman

Image: Pixabay

We see lots of casting calls for extras, doubles, background actors and such and the going rate in Atlanta is usually $64 for eight hours. Higher rates available for more specialized gigs, such as when casting folks need someone who can play a musical instrument, has martial arts training or who has some other skill.

A recent posting for a national pharmaceutical ad campaign is offering quite a bit more but has very detailed specifics: They’re offering $7,500 for a transgender African-American woman. The casting further specifies the candidate should be 29, “striking and vivacious” and taking certain medications.

“She was born male and identifies as female now. She can either be pre or post op but must be on a hormonal replacement regimen,” the posting from Donna Grossman Casting notes. “This is for a national advertising campaign and will pay $7,500 if booked.”

The casting happens by appointment only, in New York. Interested candidates may email photos and contact information to

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