Finally, a product to help your baby clean your house

We got this cute Christmas card in the mail yesterday. Aww.

Their baby arrives in February and thanks to the Internet, there’s a way the kid can start pitching in by the time summer rolls around.

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A company called Sivesco is selling onesies that double as tiny mops. They come in three sizes and start at $29.99.

“After the birth of a child there’s always the temptation to say ‘Yes, it’s cute, but what can it do?’ Until recently the answer was simply ‘lie there and cry,’ but now babies can be put on the payroll, so to speak, almost as soon as they’re born,” promo material reads. 

Order yours here.

The novelty product has company on the Internet. Chinatera is selling this “swab romper” for $18.29.

“Babies were never meant to be a trouble. Enjoy watching them clean your house, witness the moment when a person becomes useful the first time in its life,” its info reads. Get yours here but warning: it might arrive after Christmas.

And just because your kid starts walking doesn’t mean it’s time to take it easy. This jumpsuit from Lanpan is available in sizes up to 24 months and best of all, it’s only $10.99. Order it here.


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