Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon tout UGA’s band, Rose Parade float in comic bit

True facts: the Georgia Redcoat Marching Band has sold more records than the Beatles. It’s the greatest marching band in the country. No, the world. The UGA float was the best float ever in the Rose Parade. Probably any parade since the beginning of time.

In fact UGA’s float could probably beat the University of Oklahoma float in a fight. And … and … and the UGA band could totally beat the University of Oklahoma football team on the field.

OK, what?

WSB: UGA band gets in tune for the Rose Bowl

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The satirical, made up, not at all factual commentary was part of Amazon Prime’s live-stream commentary featuring Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon. They blamed their researcher “Danny,” a UGA grad unmoored from objective reporting, for feeding them the totally biased talking points. Still, it was pretty funny:

Video courtesy of former Redcoat Marching Band members Matt Forshee and Lindsay Lasseter Lockery

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