Need UGA-Bama tickets? Here’s how you can win a pair

With the College Football Playoff National Championship just days away, tickets remain relatively plentiful but they are not cheap. At the moment Vivid Seats has them available starting at $1,520, whereas the lowest price was more than $1,900 earlier this week. Stubhub has inventory starting a little bit higher, at $1,553.

How about a pair for free?

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Taco Mac is giving away two tickets to some lucky fan via its Facebook page. The winner will be selected at random.

Taco Mac is giving away a pair of tickets.

For those who want a sure thing, the biggest bargain, relatively speaking, appears to be in the suite seats. Vivid posted a private, 30-person suite on the 40-yard line for $196,473 – $6,549 per spot – earlier this week. At the moment there’s a 22-person suite going for $87,113 – $3,959 each.

And if you don’t mind a ticket in a shared suite, that sort of real estate can be had for $37,50 at SuiteHop.

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