How UGA fans are coping after Monday night’s heartbreak

Catherine Koonce started Monday night out with her game face (and game-day outfit) on, ready to cheer her Dawgs on to victory.

Catherine Koonce is one dolorous Dawg today. Contributed photo

“I’ve become such a superstitious fan,” the University of Georgia graduate said. “I made sure I had all the things I needed. I was wearing a red dress and black tights that I have worn when we have won other games this season. I was super focused.”

By the end of the night her head was on the bar.

“I’m wearing all black today,” she said. “I had one meeting at 11:30 and then I went to Grindhouse in 5 Points and had a gigantic turkey burger and fries and all the sauce they would give me. That’s as far as I’ve gotten today.”

Anyone else practicing post-game self-care today? Email me at or text: 404-202-2320.



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