Help! All these snow days are driving Ludacris up the wall

Atlanta weather is closing schools, delaying flights, causing wrecks .. and driving Ludacris bonkers.

The actor, rapper, restaurateur and dad posted a funny video clip depicting the scene where he is. The place is overrun with super energetic (and talented!) kids, leading him to plead for Atlanta’s school system to open again.

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Sorry, but many metro area school systems, including Atlanta’s are closed again on Thursday due to persistent ice and bone-chilling cold. Here’s a list of the announced cancelations so far.

Although many folks may be experiencing a bit of cabin fever, that’s nothing compared to the wrecks authorities have been dealing with. Area police and fire departments have been responding to hundreds of weather-related calls. And check out the drone video below of the traffic nightmare that ensued when a wreck snarled things for hours on Interstate 85.

How much snow fell in your metro Atlanta neighborhood?

Still, if you can relate to Mr. Bridges .. here are some tips from a pro on how to survive yet another snow day.

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