So, here’s the deal with President Trump’s “Fake News Awards”

Well, so much for the inaugural Fake News Awards.

When President Donald Trump announced the event, meant to brand the news outlets he declares get things wrong with some sort of recognition, it was supposedly going to be Jan. 8, the day after the Golden Globe Awards. The national championship game got in the way, though, and instead of conferring “honors” Trump was in Atlanta that night.

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So, the makeup date was supposed to be today, but here’s what happens when you click on the link he tweeted out.

Oh well.


It looks like the “winners” list was briefly available but that a surge of activity may have crashed the site. A sneak peek of who was mentioned:

Here’s a more complete list:

We’ll keep an eye out for updates but it looks like the New York Times, Washington Post, Time, ABC and Newsweek were the only honorees. BuzzFeed was outraged at being snubbed:

There was no actual event, it looks like. No red carpet, no monologues, no trophies. Just a web site that crashed.

Maybe something will be re-rescheduled, or they’ll figure out how to make their site work again.

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