What to know if you want to bring your guns to the NRA convention

DALLAS – The 147th National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Exhibits starts here today, and the estimated 80,000 attendees will have “15 acres” of firearms to peruse. If that’s not enough, there’s a “Wall of Guns” raffle station set up outside the main exhibition hall.

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Lawfully carried firearms are allowed in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, where the convention is headquartered, and the adjacent Omni Dallas Hotel, in accordance with Texas law. U.S. Secret Service policies dictate that no weapons are permitted in the ballroom where President Donald Trump and Vice President are due to speak on Friday and attendees will go through a metal detector and all bags will be searched. It’ll feel similar to airport security.

Speaking of airport security, the Transportation Security Administration reminds travelers that weapons are not allowed in carry on luggage. Last week alone, agents confiscated 79 firearms, according to the TSA’s informative Instagram feed.

Lawful owners of firearms may fly with them but must follow strict guidelines. They are allowed in checked luggage only, and must be in a locked hard-sided case with padding. The ammunition must be kept in a separate case. The full list of guidelines is posted here.

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The TSA isn’t in charge of levying punishment when they discover weapons; that’s up to local law enforcement.

Have we mentioned that knives and guns are not allowed in carry-on bags? I'm pretty sure that we have, but I can be forgetful sometimes. Speaking of forgetful, 79 people forgot that they had firearms in their carry-on bags last week. Follow the link in our profile and head on over to the TSA blog for more details on all 79 firearms. tsa.gov/blog … While firearms are prohibited in carry-on bags, you can pack them in your checked baggage as long as you meet the packing guidelines at TSA.gov … As a refresher, carry-on bags go into the cabin of the plane with you. Checked bags go into the cargo hold of the plane where passengers have no access. … When firearms are discovered at the checkpoint, we contact law enforcement and they decide what happens based on background checks, interviews and local laws. … A firearm at the checkpoint could lead to fines, arrests, missed flights or all of the above. As far as what happens to confiscated firearms, that's up to each local police department. … All knives no matter how miniscule are not allowed in carry-on bags. Please pack them in your checked bags. That goes for you too, #Naruto.

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